Principal Software Engineer - India

FairMoney is hiring!


FairMoney is building the leading mobile bank for emerging markets.

They started with a digital microcredit application on Android, and currently roll out additional financial services (current account, savings, debit card) while expanding the product to Western Africa and South-East Asia.

So far they disbursed over 1,000,000 microloans and give more than 7000 loans daily. They are backed by top notch US/EU investors and have raised 15m EUR + Venture Capital supporting our stellar growth. They are a team of +100 between Paris and Lagos in Engineering (Android, Data, Backend), Product, Marketing, Customer Service and Operations and they won't rest before the FairMoney app is in the hand of millions.

Their values

  • Start with the client 📊
  • Own, don't rent 💥
  • Scientist mindset 👩‍🔬
  • Churn 9-5 🎯
  • Fly High - Fly Low 🙌
  • 70/30 ⚡
  • Direct Feedback 🤝

Job Description

You will be working as our Team Leader in our division in India. You will part of the Engineering Department which is now composed of 25+ people in Lagos and Paris. We are currently building an engineering team in India. You will be reporting to the CTO based in Paris.

We are waiting for you to work on :

  • Scaling and managing our team in India,
  • Putting processes in place to ensure steady speed of delivery,
  • Managing technical debt,
  • Building a scalable architecture.

🔧 Our technical Stack

  • Our customer product is an android application;
  • It communicates with a Ruby on Rails backend (sikekiq, rspec);
  • Our ML pipeline is an API-flask (Python);
  • We are hosted on AWS: we use Elastic Beanstalk, a RDS Aurora mysql database, S3, Kinesis (data-stream, firehose);
  • Prototype of a data warehouse on GCP (GCS, BigQuery, Cloud Composer);
  • We have automated tests that run on Travis.

Preferred Experience

  • You have 7-11 years of experience in backend
  • You have a significative experience in management and hiring
  • You are able to code in a backend language (Ruby on Rails or Python or node.js or Go or Java...)
  • You have knowledge/ experience with AWS or GCP cloud providers,
  • You are able to go to the most efficient solution,
  • You know how to take initiatives.

Recruitment Process

  • Screening with one of the member from the HR team
  • Technical interview with 2 members of our engineering team,
  • Cultural interview with one member of the team.

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Bangalore, India (560002)
  • Experience: > 5 years