Software engineer

FairMoney is hiring!


Worldwide there are 2 billion people that have no or only limited access to financial services. Most of them are in Emerging Markets. To solve this problem Predictus has created the android application FairMoney. FairMoney is using smartphone data to build instant credit scores and give loans to individuals & small businesses (operating today in Nigeria).

Their ambition: becoming the leading digital bank of emerging markets.

FairMoney has been created in 2017. In February 2019, they crossed the bar of the 100,000 disbursed loans and want to reach 1 million disbursed loans by the end of the year. They plan to open 4 new countries this year and create new functionalities for their customers such as saving accountsAt Predictus, we are building a bank app allowing people to access loans in emerging markets. We already launched our product in Nigeria where people use it to get money to create and grow small businesses, pay bills, etc. This is a real opportunity for them as they are, for most of them, underbanked, meaning that traditional banks are not willing to lend them money. Our long term vision is to drive financial inclusion for the billions of underbanked people worldwide and provide them a product offering a full suit of financial services at the tip of a finger.

Under the hood, we use the financial data available on the client's smartphone to build a credit score and give him a loan offer. Once accepted, we directly send the money to his bank account.

We are looking for candidates willing to join us on this adventure to work on our algorithms, our backend, our android application and improve our overall product.

Our technical stack:

  • Our customer product is an android application developed in Java
  • It communicates with a Ruby on Rails backend
  • The credit decision algorithms runs on Python via the Flask framework
  • We are hosted on AWS: we use Elastic Beanstalk, a RDS mysql database, S3, lambda, SES ...
  • We have automated tests that run on Travis

Why should you join us?

  • You will have a unique opportunity to apply your skills on a live product
  • Your work will have a positive impact on our user’s daily life
  • We are a growing team of 7 people in Paris, 10 in Lagos
  • We are based in the startup incubator Agoranov in Paris
  • You will travel to Nigeria and other emerging markets to meet with our customers

Job Description

Your responsibilities:

  • You will co-construct our API to communicate with the Android application
  • You will develop the interface with our payment provider to ensure that our customers can access their loan as fast as possible
  • You will improve our back-office used by the team on ground to do customer support
  • You will build a sustainable technical infrastructure that can handle the current growth of 50% per month
  • You will design internal reporting tools to track performance and customer satisfaction

Preferred Experience

What we like:

  • Ability to tackle complexity in real-world environments
  • Experience in working with any backend programming language
  • Capacity to handle a good level of code quality and stability
  • Overall interest in the fintech industry
  • English speaking candidates (our working language)

What we love:

  • Driven by impact
  • Perseverance and strong team spirit
  • Proactive and autonomous - "Get it done" attitude with will to overreach objectives

Recruitment Process

1) Phone call
2) Physical interview with the CTO + technical test
3) Meet the team

The whole recruitement process should not take longer than a week.

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris, France (75006)
  • Education Level: Master's Degree
  • Experience: > 6 months